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"Big Red"

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Hybrid Archtop

This 16" guitar is a blend of bigleaf maple, European spruce, mahogany, snakewood and black ebony. Its owner, Christopher Pitney, describes it best....


"To begin, the aesthetics of this guitar are deeply satisfying. The carved shape, the way it extends out into the cut away are curves that extol the virtue of their maker. The finish is impeccable. But really these are things that one could sing about a proper urn. The sounds of this guitar are what raise it to an instrument of consequence. It is snappy if I feel snappy. It barks, it roars. It lays down such sweet individual notes when asked that one can only ask again. It kicks out bluegrass rhythm clearly and loudly with a cut to the sound that one must modulate in order to not overwhelm. It sneaks through bossa nova the way bossa sneaks and jazz chords are warm and supple like the curves of the arched body that issues them. This is a great guitar that is always fun to explore. I can’t thank you enough for the sheer fun of getting to play this artifact of your talent."

Christopher Pitney