Mark Blanchard

Handmade Acoustic Guitars

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Tamarack "Lorelei"

This fanfret Tamarack is one of the Dream Guitars, "Dream Series" instruments. It is Brazilian rosewood with an Engelmann spruce top. In addition to its 25" - 26" scale lengths, a Manzer Wedge, cutaway, soundport, and "Comfy Corner" armrest round out its special features.

"I lost 80% of my hearing as a young adult, 15 years after I learned to play the guitar. Music sounds very different to me than to most people... the treble notes are masked by harmonics and overtones. I had mostly resigned myself to this when Lorelei changed my musical life. Her trebles are clear beyond my expectations or hopes, but she nevertheless has dreadnought power in her bass. No matter how fast I finger- or flat-pick, her notes never run together. And she's built exquisitely. Mark, thanks for building a guitar that was impossible not to have."
Roy Smith